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You Tears nurture the ground.

I have come to the acceptance of my tears. The meaning behind each tear is where the vulnerability sits. On top of the peak of life, it has been the best admiration to evolve and admire grief. It’s allowing my tears to run without shame to nurture my ground. Where the tears move with freedom and liberate the guilt of what if’s or what could be. It’s on those peaks that I can admire the New Moon and create time for evolving and nurturing this stage of life. Right there were tears of self-love liberating those that I love but I love myself more. Right there where the sun reminds me that even thou, he loves the moon. they only complement each other; so they can shine and expand to the Heart’s desires.

Those tears are paving the way to each rebirth because life is about evolving and changing. It is about detaching because love doesn’t owe us anything, but it sure does move us.

Sometimes in the open space, we just sit to admire how moved we are by life and what we seed.

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