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Upright or Reverse of The Devil Card

The card that always makes everyone have a hard stop, and trouble breathing and they make an attempt to find safe ground before things start to unravel. It’s the reminder of the past, the past we never address, the past that is still haunting us like a ghost, yet here in the present The chain that makes us bridge into illusion and unreal expectation. The reminder of the pattern, that created that circle into addiction, codependency, unhealthy relationship, luxury, and driven by fear. The uncontrolled chaotic energy that manifests without any regard for who or what it takes. Tunnel vision is what the ego wants. The full power of the darkness moves forward and manifests without boundaries even if the frequency is in chaos.

It brings us to the hard stop to see our own reflection. To see our demons as they are. It allows us to witness them, to become harmonized and educated. It educates some and its release allows others to get closer to radical acceptance of who we are. It’s owning what we have overcome. The awareness of our own triggers and buttons can diffuse the energy. It’s holding yourself accountable for your choices to go or deal with things without giving your power away. It’s taking all your power back. It is the moment when leaning to let in the light and the unknown even when we feel kind and peaceful. To the release of the attachments or narrative that has created an identity of who you are. To the many dark nights, doubting, the fearful, lonely, unbalanced, catastrophic, and unhealthy version that has been created and written of who we are.

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