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Transition, Transition , Transition

My problem is the transition, never the destination; the time investment into the shifting without overlooking the destination. For me shifting has a bittersweet taste. It is uncomfortable because it means that it is time for the process of adapting and adjusting to new outcomes to appear. With each transition the bitter taste appears, is the letting go even when is too heavy to carry with me and the realization that my main investment for a period time is letting go. Not everything or everyone is coming with me into my new destination. I have to accept that I need to move pass the situation with the result I obtain. With compassion I have to take the space and time for myself so that the rarest shift can come without any judgement. Slowing down during each transition that life brings helps me embrace each destination as it comes.

Be mindful with yourself as you transition in life.

· Hold Space for you

· Self-love

· Healthy Boundaries

· Self-Affirmation

· Nurture you body

· Surrender

· Let Go

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