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To The Many Prayer

I pray that my heart still opens to circulate self-forgiveness and self-compassion.

To connect my heart to the frequency of gratitude even when I can’t see the blessing.

To sit with my own understanding and to move into what the Creator has for me, even when the path gets rocky.

I pray to release- to be unarmed so I can become liberated from the roots of bitterness.

For scarcity to be released from the roots of my abundance, so I can expand in all archetypes of myself. I pray for the ability to bridge me into the unconditional love and expansion of health, wealth, and prosperity. I pray for expansion and understanding of my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies and that the integration of each comes with Love.

I pray that all my tears have served as cleansing of my soul. To provide fruitfully in my path. They serve as the water that nurtures the ground I step.

I pray for the Divine Light to remove the old programming that is holding me, hostage, to fears of expansion and co-creating. I pray for those that I love who have departed to find Light and progress; and forgiveness for those who still remain. The forgiveness be on the heart and mercy of this path with ease. That the lineage finds light and forgiveness upon each other so connectivity will be the blessing of their generation. I pray to have the wisdom and the calm to receive my blessing and C- Create on Divine Time.

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