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The Tower Card

The Tower card is the most realistic reminder to anybody to Slowdown. It is a beautiful and chaotic representation of the destructive habits that lie within us. It’s a reflection of being in survival mode for a lifetime and the constant chaos that surrounds it, it’s a reminder that living in chaos does not necessarily mean you are living. It is the silent reality for those who have been surviving those dark days or nights where humiliation or feeling like your being beat down has arrived. Its where our depression, panic, anxiety and suicidal thoughts arise. This is the card the reminds you that sooner or later you will collapse because you are a human being. It’s a reminder that you are fragile, and exhausted and that you need to slow down. This is the unkind remainder to let your guard down, because the foundation you’re sitting on, is an illusion to your reality and now its time to unveil your truth. This card is also a reminder that you don’t need to become the collapse, more of a reminder that as your moving forward on your journey things are collapsing before your eyes. While they may be painful, things are unfolding in this nature because they no longer are serving your highest good. That in this process you will experience the beauty of betrayal, rejection, sadness and grief to blossom into the best version of yourself through stillness. I say beauty because you will be given the gift of observation of the chaos without needing to jump into the chaos around you, you release the grip for control and you find the balance of stillness. To me the tower card is an eyes-wide open reminder of how destructive my anger and sadness can be, how quick I can destroy my own creation by the intensity of my emotions or sometimes owning others’ emotions. It a remainder to allow the emotions to pass without becoming the emotion. The darkness and collapsing are part of the evolving journey, the more we resist or grip for control the more we recycle the same energy, however if we manage to feel, be still and flow with ease the more we evolve into the greatest and highest version of ourself for this season for this moment.

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