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The Little Thing Garden Teach Me

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Gardening teaches me a thing or two. It is my quick escape. The plants help me more than what I help them. All my plants are so different and amazing all on their own. The garden brings me awareness of the season because every plant has to “wait for its season to arrive”. When I started the hobby, that now it is a skill; I was trying to rush my plant for it to bloom on my time, instead of its. I will never forget how disappointed I was of myself when my first plant died. I really thought I did everything right, so how come my own plant let my ego down?! Well, it happens, it happened to me because of giving it to much water and never repot it. I always hear how people complain about how rough I can be, it is like I do not even know how to be gentle. I misunderstood the roll that the roots have in a plant. If the plant does not have space for the root to grow, it will die; a similar situation from us. Because it does not have space or depth to grow the roots and leaves. If I had given myself the opportunity to be gentle and aware, my Lil Peace will be ten years old today. Maybe my timing was not the best either; I had not given myself room to grow and bloom. Timing, appreciation, patience, awareness, softness are some of the lessons that I have learned from my plants. My attention is needed by all of them but not all will bloom at the same time. Some seasons are rough on various of them while on others it is the perfect time to bloom. The care and admiration I give to them, it is what makes the blooming of all so beautiful and unique. Every single one of them needs something special and different from me because they feed from my energy and emotions. All the resistance and negativity in life can stop us from growing and puts a hold to what great life can really be; we just have to be brave, strong and confident that we can get through it and enjoy. This skill has helped me to connect better with my surroundings, so for that I can Thank my plants.

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