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The Experience of Hiking

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

I love to hike, it is simple; take a step and enjoy the journey without any expectations. Hiking has helped me with anxiety, helps to control it. Each hike unleashes something new about myself; resiliency, vulnerability, expectations in life, fear, self-sabotage or surviving skills; those are some of the things a hike can bring to mind. Hiking is not only for sporty people, it can actually be enjoyed by everyone that wants to take a break and connect with themselves or nature. At first, making plans to go on a hike can be mentally exhausting; but, mental health is a journey that is taught by hiking and living with it. Nature brings a different kind of silence, it has a touch of awareness in reality. During the trail, must be present and aware of real danger as you walk by, because the surface changes as you take steps. If distractions comes to mind you will not be aware of the changes in the path. Taking a hike is suppose to be for enjoying the moment; do not spend to much time self doubting yourself because the surroundings and relaxing sounds will be missed. Take time to feel safe and good while been alone, in life we got to face every challenge in our paths, they will bring the best of us or the worst; but, we will learn that sometimes it is time to take control and give space to those moments so they can pass. Always look forward, the unrecognizable can be understood with patience; not only because someone else has been there but because you are taking your time to understand it. It is like a mysterious, lonely path on a hike day, but at the end it will not be like that. As we remove the unnecessary cloud in our heads, a footprint appears, as a remainder that someone has overcome the same challenge we have. A hike is about bravery, conscious of yourself. If you are tired, sit back and enjoy the stop. Never rush on a hike, take a moment to take in each victory, since that is your own personal journey.

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