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Stillness Has Became One of my Favorite Place

Stillness is the place where you can meet serenity. Slowing down can be hard because it is easier to adjust to the chaos; but it is a beautiful distraction from growth. “The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still.” I love to observe the water flow go from turbulent to still. I can see my reflection and inward emotions in the stillness time. I can see the nature evolving on its seasons to its maximum beauty. Stillness is the place where after a brutal reality or change you can pause the transition. Helps see the growth, decisions, evolve, relaxation you have made, it is where you can accept each consequence with love and not fear. Stillness is my place of peace and it can be yours too, I see the water as reminder that no matter how turbulent the water looks, at some point its moment of stillness will come. After every transition, change or difficult moment, I allow myself to slow down and find stillness so that I can reflect and love the process of evolving to my best version throughout each season. “In the space between your thoughts, there is your truth” by Reuben Lowe.

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