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Sometimes dissolving or cutting the cord is not enough.

Sometimes being aware of the pain and wound is not enough.

Sometimes being aware of the role we play or they play is not enough

Sometimes reclaiming our power back is not enough

At time's we have been called to forgive ourself

To forgive ourselves for the moment we consciously or unconsciously hurt others.

Sometimes we also have to release and forgive ourselves for the narrative that we have chosen to tell others and to tell ourself

At times we release the karma and request Divine intervention for pardon

To have played both roles to have been those who hurt others in any capacity and also that we allow to hurt us

Most importantly we forgive ourselves for holding back and being blind so we couldn't see the lesson and master the cycle.

To learn to release ourselves from ourself

From our lack, from our fear, from ourselves, from

Our lack of healthy love, from survival skills and from any emotion, nurture in lack, agony, distress, revenge, and bitterness that build our narrative

Not just cut or dissolve the cords

Forgive yourself and release the karma

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