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“Revenge brings you to darker places but satisfies your thirst” Trevor Noah

My soul sister sends me a card that has a few sentences that makes me sit back and contemplate my own obstacle and brings tears to my heart. “It is okay to let go of the season that do not serve you”, “Let your energy flow”. My eyes fill up with tears and a knot forms in my throat, the sour taste of vulnerability with radical acceptance of all the time I invest in something that DID NOT WORK. Now I have to decide if I will hold on to it and fix it or let it go. Because regardless the level I have of awareness, taking that lost or betray is not easy; specially taking them with compassion or kindness.

"Any person is capable of angering you becomes your master”. This is so real, is a free tenant in your mind that takes space and provides inadequate advice. Accepting that nobody is going to provide you an amend or give you the apologize that you want to hear. Sometimes we just deserve immediate satisfaction because is just fair. Letting go is hard but in order of a new energy and blessing to arrive we must create space. Sometimes old emotions arrive, I use to feel like my healing is going backwards or I stuck. I had realized that those old emotions need to surface so I can face them and reclaim my power back. Emotions are temporary, so inform them that angry or fear is not longer needed. Then my soul sister reminds me "new fire is burning so we leave the bitter embers alone". Sometimes letting go is just that, letting the things take course, allow the fires burn what is not longer serving you. Let the fire set with gratitude of the time that investment brings you abundance, prosperity, love, harmony and more. Let go, do not give revenge the temporary satisfaction but give it long term healing.

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