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Meditation is everything and peaceful at the same time.

I love the expectations of meditating. The continued picture of the perfect sitting position and silence. When meditating, the messiest moment and most painful reality sits with me; it is one thing everyone experiences in meditation when the mind is in stillness. This is the moment when we gently invite all of our thoughts and emotions into the space, to learn how to deal with the vulnerability, compassion, freedom, calmness, balance and other feelings that accompany us through our lives. If you ever decide to meditate, do not get angry or frustrated as your thoughts arrive; because they will arrive and you have to be willing to accept them, just take a deep breath and be aware that they are visitors. The beauty of meditating is that you are not passing through that thought or emotion, you are just looking from another side, outwards for you to been able to release it. This is how you can practice compassion, acceptance and kindness. The ones that are not been practice are judgement, labeling or being right, you are letting them pass, flow without reaction. The art of not reacting is the essence of mindfulness and as you learn how to breath consciously into your body the mindfulness arrives. Take space, time to practice mindfulness when there is a moment in your life that emotions are triggered. As you practice your technique and explore your masters on not reacting to every situation, awareness arrives. Once awareness's arrives, you have to take your power back, because now you are holding accountability of what is on your control. How to accept, how to treat your emotions and how to speak to yourself. Meditation is a tool to evolve, not to enlarge the angriness or judgement. Meditation will bring discomfort and that is okay. We experience uneasy when we can't control other reactions or projections. "Discomfort is a wise teacher"

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