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Maintaining balance

As I read the Law of Balance I realized that one of the hardest things for me is to maintain balance. It's easy for me to create a routine and move into action, but the discipline behind it becomes more difficult. I feel like it starts to test all parts of me. “Balance is interaction among being, feeling, thinking and doing” by Deepack Chopra. Balance brings me a lot of uncertainty, leap of faith, self-evaluation and duality. Regardless of what religion you practice, none of those words are easy to handle or even accept as we move forward. Duality used to make me anxious. The words used to make me think of darkness. I see duality in my plants; every season, when some of them become dormant and others fulfill their purpose; even in the darkest season. "If you stay in the light, as superheroes do, you will always see your shadow. With this awareness, the bright light of higher consciousness can watch over the sabotaging shadow" By Spiritual Laws of Superheroes. The hardest part of maintaining balance is conscious self-evaluation, to accept what no longer serves your growth. The continuity of attachment and letting go with grace. Being present as you take a leap of faith in uncertain time. The comfort that without uncertainty in life we fall asleep. The Law of Balance is a reminder that sometimes it is necessary to step aside in order to observe the consequence, reaction, frustration, anger and resistance. Take the time to observe but not personalize them. Once we personalize, we restart the cycle of suffering and owe ourselves to the past. Balance is to step into the present time, to gracefully find gratitude and joy in the simplicity of life.

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