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Inhale Serenity and Let Go Fear

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The definition of breathing is “the process of moving air in and out of the lungs”, it is a very simple one, but for many people it can be complicated to achieve the activity itself. As humans, we sometimes forget that every moment and emotion has a beginning and an end. Deep breathing is almost the same; it is known as being in awareness that we are safe and ground; the moment will pass and we will still be breathing. As we breathe, we go in transition from one moment to another. Sometimes breathing can become shallow and short because we resist the tradition time that we are going through. Shallow breathing, also known as chest breathing, is “the drawing of minimal breathe into the lungs”. The rapid breathing caused by this type of breathing, drives to panic and/or hyperventilation. We want to rush from one place to another before even accepting or finding acceptance of the situation. An example can be the way we want to rush through the uncomfortable time in life; those that make us grow. We shallow breathe when there is fear of moving forward. The uncertainty of moving forward causes it; while breathing through one moment (place) to another, we realize that every situation and emotion is momentousness. Each moment comes to an end where nothing is certain except for the present time. We are not supposed to wait for the perfect moment to find joy because the present is amazing that should contain that mindset. As long as we are breathing, we create a memory full of life. Finding ease and contentment in each situation brings joy. Life is unfair and hard at times, but we should be able to find ease in each situation. The practice of yoga, teaches me to find ease in each pose, including those that trigger emotions. In each practice I face a new discomfort, but I have the choice to hold the pose and struggle or breathe and go to the next one. The life is a cycle, at some point I will get back to that position that made me struggle but whit a different mindset in which I will find calmness. If I put hold to the struggle, I might miss the next moment and those never come back. Breathing is simple but deep breathing creates my awareness of resistance and effortless. The moment of serenity and calmness might arrive in the middle of a turbulence, in between the silence of the cycle of breathing. Slowing down and taking deep breathes can be a challenge because we must feel each moment and accept it as it is. Inhaling means acceptance while exhaling means surrender. The ease of breathing is moving air in and out the lung. The magic of deep breathing is creating space in your mind to letting go fear and letting in serenity. One of my favorite breathing mantras is “inhale serenity and let go fear or uncertainty”.

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