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In Between The Veil

In between the veil, the love is pure and intentional. In between the veil, we lean on unconditional love since we run out of time to show it. Right, there is where some life lessons are mastered, some released, and some renewed.

It’s in those lessons that we feel the old wounds that have been bleeding in each generation across time.

It’s in between the veil where the majority of us meet the dark times and devastation of reality.

It’s in between the veil where we realize that time never stopped but our world did

It’s right there at that point in time of the cruelty and abrupt awaking that we realize we have changed and who we no longer are.

It’s in between the veil where we learn that the healing looks like a broken mirror that somehow never fell

It’s in between the veil where forgiveness and unconditional love meet.

It’s there in-between radical acceptance of who we releasing and how many ancestors will be released too.

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