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I Talk To My Inner Child

Regularly I have a short check-in with my inner child. Yes, we have an inner child that normally is dormant. At times we have to go back and sit while digging within so that we can maintain our voice to outgrow the situation. Well we have to do the same with our inner child so that it can grow stronger and remain active. We take it for a walk so we can be reminded that it is not hard to find happiness, stableness and safeness. At times I must check my inner child because she is loud and making unacceptable assumptions. With a mirror I look directly to her and ask what is going on, but I remind myself that she does not have a voice. She never speaks up, so she still has full baggage's of emotions. While holding on to her insecurities and doubts that others give to her; speaking up when she is hurt is not her thing. I remember how much she loves to sit by the water and eat salty snacks. Sitting next to me with the sense of safety and nurture made her comfortable. She took me as a reminder of the water and just like that we have the talk. I remind her that I am in the present and that I am safe, confident, full of joy, compassionate, and kind. That helps her to understand that it is her time to heal; I give my inner child permission to let the water take away her self-doubt, trauma and insecurities. That way she could always come with me and be part of my happiness, simplicity and love. SHE IS ME AND I AM HER, WE CAN KEEP MOVING FOWARD.

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