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I step and Stand

I step and stand In my soft smile, I step and stand with all my weapons aside. I step into my spirit with boldness and respect to reclaim my birthright. I honor my dark as I honor my light so we move with respect to what matters. I step and stand with a grateful smile. I walk with my head high and shoulders back so they can hear the drum of my heart. I step and stand as my morning prayer releases my fear. I offer the fear as a humble gesture of boldness of who I was but not who I am becoming. I pray based on my voice, the shake, my doubt, yet so my many generations hear my gratitude and veneration. To see and feel the respect of my struggle to pave my way with ease. To reclaim the light and wisdom of all past generations and generations to come. I stop and stand to ease the veil for sweetness and nesters of honey bring sweetness into us. Step and stand into unconditional love so those that need will receive and generation to come to reclaim. I step and stand on unconditional love with my heart open to guide and give those yet to come.

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