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I am Aware

I am Aware

I am aware of how to walk away, but it’s still hard to walk away with grace sometimes.

I am aware of my imperfections because I am willing to sit with them during the dark times and glorious times. I acknowledge and accept them, and thank for all that show and have given to me.

I am aware that when the chaotic energy arrives, it triggers me and it takes away, my kindness, my compassion, and even my ease. I want to shield this version of me and sit alone with my heart open and my eyes closed. To remind me that I am safe and the chaos it not even mine.

I want to allow the water to infuse my tears into the ground. The ground that holds me and is rooting me to feel safe and sacral.

I want to allow myself the time and space to root down so I can become strong enough to know that even though the chaos I’m still steadfast and strong.

I want to hear the wind and let it remind me that I am wild and free. That I can move as fast or slow as I need, as I want. That as it serves me I can whisper or scream with the wind.

I want to allow the heat of the sun to melt down the chaos to burn it to ashes so the bitter memories can no longer shake my heart and soul

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