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Heart The Crack Open

In the mix of self-creating, miss guidance, feelings, and emotions of the human mind, arrive, based on what we create in the mind based on potential- the things we say in the ideal time, with the right moment, and for companionship in the now. Those that we give grace to, or an extension of self-mercy. Right there is when we feel it where holding space becomes self-sacrifice. There is where we feel the venom of vulnerability cracking open. When the heart crack’s open it is there where someone tries to leave so the shine can glow. So, the poison of the narrative of what rejection feels can move through you, it can escape. Right there in the crack of the heart is where we see ourselves clearer, for those that repeatedly tell us to walk the walk bc I am not coming with you. But I will take whatever you have to give so I can tap my wounds. I will use the medicine and light of your empathy to fill up my heart with light and let you carry the baggage of my projection. These expressions, these moments transfer through each kiss, the I exchange light and poison down the narrative that I was too much, too intense, to to to many things but yours. Right there where we play with the ambivalence of what side of vulnerability I lean on. Vulnerability will mask me into my strongest self and shield me from fear. O will I unmask myself into the kindest and softer version of myself.

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