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"Holding a sensation without judging it or reacting to it, allowing the body to come to a completion with it (present moment) is the meaning of healing". The interruption of your own judgment is what makes healing more difficult. It is no secret that as humans we avoid the painful memory or sensation. The drowning of emotions is what brings us to a darker place or a self-induction of suffering. Sometimes, we must go deeper into the wound in order to properly nourish ourselves with information and get to the core of it thereby achieving healing. Accepting and mourning the feeling is the end of a cycle; that is the time to decide what was working but no longer works. The journey of healing is not a pretty one and not a shortcut either. I am beginning to realize what healing is like, that it is bound to be slow, so we can get to love the journey. We can unmask each area of the wounds; so we get to meet each trigger as it comes and make amends. As a human quality, we have a tendency to allow the past to catch up or even take over parts of that wound that began to heal, preventing us from continuing with the ultimate goal of healing. Learning to be present is more than just letting go of the past. It is the beauty of surrendering to the moment of joy. It is embracing every moment of joy no matter how small it comes. It is when you realize that self-criticism can be replaced with self-nurturing; shame has no place in growth. Your inner wisdom will lead you to treat yourself with respect and make decisions according to your health and empowerment. You can be curious and accept uncertainty as part of growing into a new chapter. Allowing yourself to show that you can go all the way to the end of the cycle of what no longer serves you is a step that marks improvement. "Embracing the truth that things come to an end, and showing up to that end, is part of the solution."

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