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Grounding is a term that I have become very intimate with over the past 7 years and it is something I am continually learning about and it's always evolving for me. As an island girl, I have always been fascinated by seeing various anchor’s as various boats move across the sea. As I saw these changes in my environment, I noticed that the dropping and collecting of the anchors brought new adventures, people and experiences, new beginnings and mysteries alongside them. To the eye, however, once the boat drops its anchor, it appears still, other times the ocean also appears still or shows movement. These observations gave me a sort of freedom, permission to move freely and expand and know that I could drop my anchor anywhere and somewhere along my journey throughout adulthood, and with experiences of fear I have become even more fascinated with this symbolism. I also noticed something similar with the roots of a tree, I mean here you have this amazing tree that has experienced it all from evolution to brutal changes, some even break in loud ways to reclaim their space and in their own way ask to be seen, nurtured and taken care of and some are even isolated, yet they stand and adjust with each season and with each change and while they can’t move, they expand. Each year brings new experiences for me, there’s shifting in the way I ground and I am learning that sometimes I need to anchor into my body to allow certain experiences to pass because the body listens too. Sometimes I need to let my roots become bold, fearless, and loud and expand; reclaiming my space. “You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground. I’ll be the wings that keeps your hearth in the clouds.”

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