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Everything that God creates is Perfect

We are adjusted to move, to be busy, to have noises and be distracted. That’s a self-defense mechanism. If I am busy, I do not have to deal with my own issues. A silent moment can give you time to hear yourself. It gives you time to feel your emotions. It also teaches you that for most of your question there is always an answer. Silent mediation is known by reflecting a lot of serenity and calmness; of course, that is the result by practicing it. Don’t think that the every day routine is the way. It’s ok to have a messy silent meditation or whatever mindful practice. Seating in silent is how you gain knowledge about yourself; embrace your quality and reconnect with yourself. Sometimes in the mess of moving we lose track of who we are. Sometimes we allow the shadows to take and cloud our thoughts. Bring self-doubt, fear, bitterness, angry, envy or ego towards yourself. Been angry was my biggest shadow. Time to time I catch myself walking to my old self because I miss her. She was not to be mess with, but not to be love either. It’s hard to love angry people. It’s hard to love yourself when you allow the shadow to dominate you. The best part of sitting in silent, it’s how I find how kind and compassion I can be. Facing my shadows creates a space to embrace my qualities without fear.

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