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Be Aware of Walking into Tower Time

The tower card is never enough but it always full of awareness and lessons

At times we attach ourselves to chaos, deception, and brokenness and we associate these with a realization that it’s time to shift. Just as easily, we keep creating the tower time as a catalyst of change and transformation. We perpetuate going into this as a time of transition, so we don’t have time to look back, we can’t attach or hold to anybody because everything is in chaos. We are too tired for resistance or doubt. At this point, our backs are against the wall and we either move forward or we will be buried by the debris.

I have been here, actually, I have walked into the tower even in my own birth. It is my natural mechanism so I don’t get to look back or time to duel on my emotions. I tower myself so I can walk away or accept being left behind without resistance. As I learned to break this behavior and move with ease.

I have seeded and cultivated self-compassion and self-harmony within me, so my fire doesn’t become destructive. Even though I choose harmony and accountability in the most chaotic time it is the lesson for many during the tower time frame. Remember that the tower season is here to help you move forward with ease even when the chaos is around. To focus on my own path and be aware of my own distraction and sabotaging behaviors. It is the most intense way to learn a life lesson and ask for grace. It is navigating your way through the upside-down moments of life.

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