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The adaptability, to accept that life might change down to the foundation that I am rooting on. To realize I have to put in the ground work

It’s knowing that I can always re-grow my roots, because the ground work

Has already been done. In a week I walk in the mud, red-sand rock and under water (salt and sand) I feel safe in each and every one of these elements. Each one of their foundations felt safe. It was amazing to see plants and tree’s growing and adapting to the ground and season. Their presence was different out here, and at some deeper level of uncertainty they forced me to be receptive and adaptable. I adjust my shoes and walk at my best, time was easy and other new elements will shake me. To my surprise I was always worry about the ground the I complete forget the element that will shock and blind side me, the wind. The capacity of shifting from hot to cold. The increasing speed changing, and the impact depends my position. This one element always holds me even when I feel anxiety and fear was the ground. Even when I was messy it was still there holding me in the best capacity, nurture me because I show up, I was my only requirement.

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