I Silence Myself

Sometimes I wonder how do we have a voice, but at the same time we are completely voiceless. I taught myself to be quiet, not silent. I...

Unwelcome Visitor

I wake up with my emotions seating with me and by me. I hate when they sneak to my window through the night. I have not awareness or...

Be Kind and Be Mindful

The definition of mindfulness, is “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.” In active meditation you can move you...

La Mentira

En unos de mi s libro favorito de un autor de mi pais Silverio Perez dijo "Sucede cuando se repite y se repirte una mentira llega el...

The Art of Compassion

"Compassion comes from respect and from love:feeling sorry come from a lack of respect and from fear" by Don Miguel Ruiz This is a quotes...

Completely calm and Unbother

"I AM CALM LIKE THE DEEP OF THE OCEAN" One we available to feel each emotion we be able to stay steal. to find ease on the uncomfortable...

Plants and Coffees


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Let explore self-care and self-love together. Grow and discover how to find ease in an uncomfortable situation.


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