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Some Wounds Don't Heal With Time

Some wounds don’t heal with time

Some wounds just remind us of the time we expanded

The choices we made

The resilience we build

Time may not always bring closure but, it can bring understanding. Understanding for the next experience and lesson to be in harmony.

I am not sure if it’s going to be fine, but I know I am going to be ok. I put my choices in my bag, I carry my consequence in my heart. Then I let time continue to unfold my lesson at a rhythm and pace of my heart.

I am going to be ok. Sometimes in some instances “ok” will be the level of acceptance. The capacity of understanding, for myself mentally and emotionally. The realization that I am going to be with every choice, with every word, and action I take- even with the silence that I hold in the back of my heart. Right there between the “should,” and the questions of who we were meant to be, right there is where I stop questioning myself, doubting myself. With more time it will blend with others and will disappear and along the space, I will find self-forgiveness and self-mercy.

Some wounds are the map of our expansion.

The narrative we will recreate during our Healing

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