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Resistance and Me

The first time I had a peaceful night of sleep were I met serenity, I was completely confuse. I was not sure if it was real, it made me wonder when I would be back in my little, dark corner. I placed resistance, pause to my happiness because it was unknown to me. I did not accepted that at the other side of the wall there was an amazing, divine self. Changing and growing brings a lot of uncomfortable moments and uncertainty. Uncertainty brings resistance and putting up walls because we prefer to be in a familiar and known place. It is not easy to be aware of when are we being resistant for us to move through life. The self-sabotage and resistance became the walls against allowing my blessing to get to me. It also became the wall between my old pain and my new fearless version. I had to sit with myself for me to understand that resistance has visited me. I had to acknowledge the emotion that came with the resistance, I did not fight it because it was a waste of my energy. I kindly allowed resistance to pass by so that I could move passed it and look forward. There is a quote by Rumi that says: “I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. The door opens, I’ve been knocking from the inside”. This quote is for you to do the same I did; sit and analice yourself, make a plan to take action against your resistance.

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