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I Never Been Good In the Love Kind Thing

I’ve never been good at that thing they call love. This is exactly how I describe that thing. Love to be built slowly-  the foundation it lasts longer. I feel that you’re the person who has seen me build my foundation, and it helped bring me to the nurturing I need to move forward. It gave me the tools to build with confidence. You have observed me place brick by brick without stopping me. When there is a misaligning without judgment you bring contrast. I am not sure how love works but I know how safe and strong my foundation feels. I am not good with this love kind of thing so I imagine that the column of strength, peace, protection, and safety will be added to the shelter that I have built. It’s the love language, the consent to my gentlest, erotic, mystical, healer and warrior to dance freely through the shelter that I have built. I am not sure what is this love thing that has been created through many movies feels like. But I imagine it to be walking through the door and allowing yourself to collapse to the most tender version without a doubt. It’s kind of like a tantric, the breath that brings life back to you, brings hope and visualizes the light back to me. It’s in the nurture of reciprocity where words align into action, where you hold the key to my joy and hold the nurture of understanding. Where I can be your safety knowing, the silently understanding, that I will stand by and in front of you shape-shifting before you. I am not sure what this love thing is but I imagine the emotion adding to my foundation, expanding and shifting that feels like compassion and understanding. Taste like safety and expansion. Move like pleasure and Abundance where desire moves to high vibration. It feels like growing and loving shape and shifting or whatever the love thing feels like.

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