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When You Walk Away

When you walk away from me, I understand that you chose yourself over me. When you create a fairytale in your mind that is made up of pain and fear then you end up with conditional love. When you walked away from me my heart broke into a million little pieces. As the layers of conditional love, sabotage, manipulation, jealously and unfairness laid of the floor reflecting back to me. It somehow gave me the answers, as to why you left. Even though in my heart I promised to always love you with everything I had. Love you all of me, as long you give me love in return. Don Miguel Ruiz explain the expectation and condition love in his best, “It’s the kind of love we’ve learned to expect from life: we expect heartbreak.” I was not attached to you but to the version of me that loved you. I learned that cutting ties was never about letting you go but letting a version of myself go that no longer serves me. Releasing you, allows me to realign with myself, in the process I release my ego, my barriers, my tendencies to sabotage, and my selfish habits. Cutting ties in its own essence was an act of love I needed to do for us. I surrendered and released back to you the energy I needed to heal the wounds of the unconscious mind. In this process unconditional love of myself was actually fostered, you walking away, liberated me from being a prisoner of conditional love. It allowed me to dig deeper and search for compassion, to cultivate grace in my heart so one day I can circulate unconditional love with grace and kindness. When you walk away from me, I learned that Love should never cost you your own self of harmony and peace.

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