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Wild Heart

Wild Heart as many shape in the journey.
The authentic version shape and reshape as life pass by. As wound and scar appears, as love and joy arrive. If been authenticated was easier we will not denied or mask of shadow. The light version of us time to time feel the fear of been to soft, to vulnerable to nurture to many things the can make us an easy prey. We won’t never been never need name as weak as we move throw life season. To experience to brokenness and joyful was. Time to time we seat in us shadow and became us shadow. Provide us safety and protection base of miss understanding of shadow could be. Imagine living you shadow version. The version the many misunderstood and judge. The part the are un love or difficulties to nurture. The part the mask or feel shame of been anger, sad or bitterness. It the version the allow anger to express till finding exhausted into surrender. Surrender the anger the now catalyst my motivation and heart to find duality. To find balance. The layers of shadow became an armor with weapons of the destruction and careless. Because we have silent and shameless for to many careless reason. If we consent is emotion to be that, as motion, temporary and real to us. We will be cracking open us authenticity into heart of vulnerability. Trigger will be a visitor the wont became intrusive and aggressive. Will be the opportunity to master and educated mostly integrated to who we are and becoming.

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