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Walking Away is my Act of Grace

Walking away is never personal or about the people around you. Walking away it often a form of self-care and self-love. At times it can also be a shield or a protective mechanism. Because at time boundaries become pushed. Setting healthy boundaries with clear intentions from unconditional love are not always as easy. I have reflected on this a thousand times. I have taken the right action for my serenity but the motivation and intention were not always aligning. This is one of my triggers or self-sabotage as I continue to grow and gain awareness. I am learning that this can sometimes cultivate the darker version of me that has learned to survive and protect herself. Sometimes there lies a predicament because I can be destructive because I can rationalize to myself that I am doing it to feel safe but I also know that my intentions might be to hurt others. Yet, sometimes I choose to pack my ego and my losses and walk away. Align myself with the intention to have GRACE and Gratitude. With a higher understanding that every experience has been sent for me to live through it, to learn from it and move forward. A reminder that the emotion is not a permanent resident merely a temporary guest and if I’m aware I sit and I listen. Sometimes on our healing journey different version of ourselves might loop back around in a new frequency. I read this quote from Lalah Delia, “Pain has its place in healing and growth, but it should never be a destination where we take up permanent residence.”

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