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Unwelcome Visitor

I wake up with my emotions seating with me and by me. I hate when they sneak to my window through the night. I have not awareness or warning they here just here. I feel them as I tense my feet to stand strong. My head hurt as I try my best to keep my head high. My feet hurt as I root deeper into the ground to stand. Someday my emotions are stronger than other. Sadness come by to take me on a short trip to the past. To the lover the leave me behind. To empty promises. To the spiritual battle the define me or I define them. Took me to by doubt and my comfort zone. Today sadness came by I look at her fearless and I embrace her. We know each other we spend a lot of years comforting one and another. Was not my most healthy relationship. Look like she always took the best of me, so we outgrow each other. One day we did not serve each other any longer, we let each other go. Sometimes we miss each other the comfort zone or corner of the room. When those day come, I let my knee down, my head high and my feet in the ground. This is my surrender time, to pray, cry, scream, smile and let go. Not need to waste my energy to fight the emotion and just acknowledge her and allow her to have her moment. Then as surrender happen the emotions flow by me. They never stay they just visitors.

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