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Sitting With My Demons Is Easier Than Releasing Them

Sitting with my demons is not even an issue anymore. I have sat with all the versions of myself. I have even provided them with space to guide me on how to survive during this time. I have come to learn to provide gratitude for the time they serve me. Yes, thank you, because at the time that was the best, I had to offer myself and the universe. Sitting with my demons has provided me with time to educate and cultivate the higher version of myself by seeking self-forgiveness and grace. Now sitting with them, accepting them, listening and understanding them is one thing, my area for growth is in releasing them. Because even when they cultivate, they are still taking up space. “Knowledge can be your servant rather than you master” Eros. Releasing means to accept that I have enough awareness to move away from the purpose this demon has served me in surviving. It’s a reminder that I don’t have to be afraid to speak my truth, that to walk in my authentic self, means allowing myself to be vulnerable with others. It is a gentle reminder to give myself the same compassion and grace that I am giving to others. Releasing the darkness is not synonymous with “happy vibes only.” It is the acceptance that even on the dark days I have a reason to find gratitude. Hardships will arrive and I just need to release the control and ride the waves without resistance or expectation of a perfect outcome. The work is to not become the emotion or to feed into a new demon rather it is sitting in awareness of transparency, authenticity and vulnerability.

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