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Open Love Letter

To you, who has learned to accept and embrace the rare in me. Beyond the smiles and funny comments. The cute moments when my hair favorers me; those things that are easy to love. The rare in me is the deadly silent moment when fears takes over. When I look lost because my thoughts have taken over my emotions taking me on a trip to the past or uncertain future. My words and thoughts become a turbulent river with currents out of control. You look at me with compassion when I get lost in my own fear. Then comes a panic attack striking as we have dinner in a public place. You understand that my independence is not a lack of feminine energy but the reflection of an old wound that I patch down to move on. Perfection has never been my best attire, so accepting my mistake has been my path to nobility. Imperfection is the key to the door of my vulnerability. As I witness my armor slowly dismantle to vulnerability, kindness and compassion; you still hold stand without using your strength. Accept that is in my nature to escape into the deepest of the forest or swing in the deepest water to find peace. When I move like the turbulent current of the river water, but for you it is the strongest rhythm of the current. You treat me as the most unique but delicate gemstone.

To you my love, my beautiful and strong mind. To myself; I dedicate this open love letter.

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