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Me and My Flaws

Once you get to know your flaws, you stop fearing them. When I accepted who I am, I started to love every part of me. I love each piece as a unique one, so every inch of affection goes to them. I started to been fair to myself, added up kindness as I was picking the flaws. Because I have been fair to myself I stared to educate every part of me even more, that is what makes me, me. None of the pieces I was picking up were going to the trash because I accepted that they are part of me. My imperfections became a very strong part of me, but it did not defined me. With time, my flaws stopped being my flaws because I stopped getting ashamed of them. Every morning I take time to remind myself that I am a Divine Masterpiece and still holding the brush to work on.

"Once you have accepted your flaws no-one can use them against you"

by George R.R. Martin

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