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In The Mess Of Chaos

In the mess of chaos, all emotions became personal. The survival mode became a new norm and I know gratitude became conditioning. Even though we pray or request things to unravel, at times, we forget that the unrevealing will come like fire to burn down to ashes anything that clouds our reality. Sometimes we grip on to things, an experience or an individual that we have to release because we are conditioned to their reality and to the person. Because in the chaos of life everything looks and feels unfair and personal. Disharmony arrives with a mask, with a thousand things to align with the suffering that sometimes we choose to intensify. The suffering is real to some of us but also, but we personalize and feel we deserve it, intensifying the chaos.

Unhealed human emotions always feel more powerful in the temporary moment. I start believing it because the version doesn’t feel remorse; it becomes hopeless or careless.

The anger, chaos, bitterness, betrayal, fear, and sadness are hard to maintain for longevity or intentional purpose. In the middle of chaos find your ease with a touch of gratitude to smile through the uncertainty of a great outcome. Yes, the outcome that we hope for without expectation or judgment is the pathway through to it.

Awareness and intention are here to remind you, what you have cultivated this event, and it’s even brighter than that. Even better, to remind you we came to cocreator and master in life on ease and gratitude.

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