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I Silence Myself

Sometimes I wonder how do we have a voice, but at the same time we are completely voiceless. I taught myself to be quiet, not silent. I taught myself to be loud so that someone can hear me, but not listen. I taught myself that been unseen is better than been miss understood. I taught myself to be voiceless, so that I would not be perceive as to bold, to strong or to loud. Also not feel ruthless, hurtful, or unsafe when I speak up. I learned that my voice was not the problem if not, my words had become silent. One day, I spoke my truth with clear intentions and someone responded. I retook my power of expression all on my own and said: I DO NOT NEED PERMISSION TO SPEAK UP! My words became as clearer as my intentions. I let the walls came down and I spoke my truth without fear. My words spoke louder and clearer without cussing or fussing. I started to become firm, confident, secure and divine. That way I was listened to, but more importantly I was understood. My truth is my truth, and I can stand with my words. I do not have to explain or justify any of my expressions. I do not have to defend my truth because my silence will be powerful. I learned to use my silence as my battle shield so for that my energy stayed untouched; letting the truth do its job and reveal itself. Then I saw my divine arise in words and at the same time the light that came with my voice. I am no longer voiceless as I learned that my words have power and my silence beauty.

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