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Honor the Evolution

I recently sat in stillness and it brought me face to face with my fear. It wasn’t even my shadow it was my fears. I have encountered them at each stage of growth on my journey. The fears are sometimes irrational, and I am learning that they go hand and hand with my evolution. I have realized that I have even out-grow my own highest version. I sit with my past higher version and I see her growth and move. I admire the things she has overcame and how she mastered the art and I see how she has detached from her fears and how she has allowed herself to shed her old skin.

I watched her educate her shadow, I saw her bring hidden fears that come with the new season, with the new life lesson that is arriving. I am taking the time to thank her, with a humble heart as I have gotten to know each of my own versions. Not only for the evolution, but also for what’s coming, and in the space in between, I am able to remind myself that growth is going to take TIME. I am aware that even thou I can bypass the hurt of learning and the narrative, things are going to unfold in divine time and that there are no errors on my path, that each crossroad is part of my walk. I can bypass doubt because a version of me master security and awareness and this will take time to acknowledge, on my path, I will have the tools to recognize new fears and the strength to acknowledge them as I go, and the wisdom to overcome them. I just need to allow my higher version to explore, to get curious, to take space in her Divine Time.

Be Grateful for the season of transformation.

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