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Ancestor's Love

I step onto Mother Earth as I have been here 500-plus times. In between my hips, shoulders, hands, and feet I carry and feel the legacy of my ancestors. In every move to the beats of my favorite instruments, these gifts embrace and embody me. The way I nurture my plants and create medicine with the touch of my hands. My hair is the reflection of my roots; turbulent, volatile, nostalgic and colonized, it reflects the evolution of my ancestors.

My feet and neck carry the resistance and fear of the healing. Fear of uncertainty even when what’s coming is brighter and easier. They learn the gift of survival and I am teaching them to live with ease. The throat knows how to sit in the silence of pain or when and how to speak its rage. I liberate my throat; to be bold and brave. Together we have chanted, sung, prayed, and invocation. I speak their language without fear of judgment because my throat and tongue have been liberated.

In the ocean, river, sun, air, and fire there is liberation and purification. In between the white candle, coffee, rum, tobacco, and water we face each other. We recognize the wounds and agree to release them so that I can embody my life with wisdom and ease. So we all can move with grace.

Right there in prayer, song, and invocation where we liberate each other in the search of progress and wisdom. It is there where forgiveness meets and understanding happens.

It is here where we choose to heal each other. If there was grief it visits me in waves of ease and clarity. Where we seek light, we also embody compassion, peace, and liberation.

Here is where we agree to meet our higher version

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