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Allow Myself On Darkness

I allow myself into the darkness of my emotions and I allow my emotions to get louder to the point that I can feel the build-up of my anger and sadness. Where the chaotic emotions have built flames of banishment, to attract every darkness the night might hold. I finally meet all the emotions, projections, and history that occupy rent-free in my body. The many minutes of silent and compassionate meditation kicked into my body turning the many flames into rainbows of color to bring awareness and forgiveness to the chaos of self-destruction. The flames sitting in my throat taste the bitterness of my silent and unkind words burning my chest and tongue. With the taste of ashes, I liberate my tongue from the shame of my vulnerability. I sit on my darkness with my wounds open with the destructive and chaotic feminine version of myself. The one that steps and stands fearless even when her wounds are open. The one that licks her wounds to be reminded of the taste of resilience with sprinkles of independence. As I sit on the edge of the fire I welcome the feminine nurturing and mystical version of me. The one that softly brings lessons and a soft touch to the tender spots. The version the sits with the banished fire with a new intention of sweetness and gratitude to bring me forward. I sit in my darkness to welcome the light, that owns the darkness I hide. I sit in the darkness to trust the nurturing and soft, rebirthing version of myself. I sit in darkness to see every stage and time to enjoy the clarity of a raging fire. Just like the many lessons of Duality and Polarity.

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