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Holding Space On My Empty Space

Holding space is not as easy as it looks or sounds. We tend to be patient with others but not with ourselves. Instead, we have zero tolerance with ourselves. At this times I can sense the shame and guilt arriving in a turbulent way to my thoughts, creating a storm. I visualize my empty space as nature holds space for each and every single season. There is where I find joy; in the empty space without any judgement or emotion. I just allow the emptiness to reconcile and find its own flow. I hold the space for myself; I understood that if nature keeps going, I should do it too. The growth and helloing process will come in the right season, time and space; not at my time. I can not force the season. I hold space for me to recharge and balance myself and surroundings. I meet myself so that I can nurture, so even when I slow my pace, I can find joy in the process. I hold my space with serenity and acceptance; when things do not fall into place or go the way I wanted them to be, I hold space to mourn and accept that we grow in times of lost because we built resilience. I hold space as I enjoy my empty space.

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