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Ancestral Healing Mediation with Drummer

The Purpose/Goal: To give thanks and show honor to those that have come before us, who have sacrificed and paved the way for out very existence. Allowing them to move into light and continue their progress.

Breathing Technique: Allows you to find your center in any situation . To dig deep into the trauma and heal it. Keep

The Drum: Are a powerful instrument in meditation. Cultivating deeper connectivity, balance, peace, confidence. It ignites you in the most divine way when taking in the drums. The drums will be played by the amazing James. (IG @thethirdjames)

Refreshment: I also recommend you bring water however I will have small refreshment to replenish and nourish you mind body and spirit.

Where: Earth Commons (813 Springdale Rd Austin TX 78702)

Time: 1:00pm


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